Running Meetings That Make a Difference

This seminar offers techniques in how to run meetings that are more productive and produce results. It includes proven tips in how to organize and run meetings in a way that engages the participants, solves problems, and encourages open communication. Participants also learn and apply methods of how to stimulate creativity, generate synergy, and keep the meeting focused. The full-day workshop includes a “mock meeting” for participants to apply and practice the techniques.

  • Learn to run meetings that produce results and don’t waste time
  • Learn to deal with “problem” people who snag the meetings
  • Acquire new proven decision-making techniques
  • Learn facilitation Secrets of the Masters
  • Understand cycle of group dynamics
  • Discover how to keep the meeting on track
  • Learn how to set the right agenda in the right order
  • Acquire techniques in appropriate and effective follow up
  • Master difficult topics in a meeting
  • Master new motivation and persuasion techniques
  • Evaluate your meetings for improvement


Keynote, half day, full day, or three-day program or private coaching