Cultural Communication & Diversity: They’re Not Like Us!

Sometimes communication can crash when cultures clash. When do cultures clash? When we read people through our view of the world, we become frustrated when people do not respond the way we expect. Problems of how we view time, react to crisis, perceive our roles, teamwork, how we network, set goals and even handle stress can vary drastically over cultures. The invisible aspects of culture can hinder successful relationships and prevent growth in business.

We can develop skills and insights to change our own thinking — to navigate our way across the cultural map. Different values, attitudes, views of time, methods of negotiation and cultural norms require understanding, empathy and skill.

This program provides a lasting impression, new skills, and unique insights into the map of communicating across diversity. It offers shocking role-playing exercises that give you the feeling of ‘culture shock’, case studies, and individual group problem-solving exercises in a practical, personal and lively lesson plan by Lisa Jeffery. Participants leave with a great insight and practical solutions they can apply immediately to real-world issues that they can apply immediately to the workforce – with results.

Key Topics

  • Tools, tactics and tips for doing business across cultures
  • Develop a cultural awareness that sets you apart
  • Understand cultural markers predict behaviors of different cultures
  • Identify your own cultural assumptions and perceptions, and learn empathy for other cultures
  • Develop strategies for meeting and conversing with colleagues and customers of other cultures
  • Discover how culture influences how we listen, talk, think, understand and act
  • Understand how verbal and nonverbal skills differ across cultures
  • Examine great global business mistakes and learn how to avoid them
  • Learn communication “Do’s and Don’ts” from around the world.
  • 10 Reasons why we misunderstand each other


Keynote, half day, full day, or three-day program or private coaching