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Public Speaking in a second language: Several years ago, Lisa Jeffery was in your shoes. She had to give numerous speeches in a second language to audiences of 5,000 people for her Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship for her MBA at University of Monaco. She learned quickly that communicating in a second language requires a HUGE amount of confidence, but found it difficult to transfer her personality from English to French. In English, she was outspoken, audacious, funny, bubbly, energetic and fun. In French she was shy, quiet and borng. Most of the time she felt stupid, worrying about her horrible accent and limited vocabulary. So she hired a speech coach in France and her life changed.  Her accent changed. Her confidence changed.

Being a great public speaker as a Native English Speaker: Why do some people light our fire and why are some people boring speakers? What are they doing?  Why do we remember them and what they say?  Why do some people persuade us and others don't?  At the Speech and Accent Academy, you go through a transformation.  You learn a set of skills of the "Art of Being Memorable".  You learn the techniques of great speakers and learn how to make them authentically you.  You learn how to build your own confidence in highly challenging situations.

Lisa Jeffery was no stranger to public speaking in English.  As a US Air Force 2nd Lieutenent in Media relations, she trained Air Force Generals in conducting successful media interviews, held press conferences and anchored TV and Radio Shows.  She studied and later taught public speaking and broadcasting in Universities in Florida for 14 years.  She began coaching and holding seminars, and found that her passion was in helping others gain the skills and confidence to speak with precision, elegance and influence.

You too can gain confidence with help from Lisa Jeffery and her team at the Speech & Accent Academy!

Lisa Jeffery, MBA, MA

Lisa JefferyExecutive Coach, Trainer & Speaker

Lisa Jeffery, MBA, MA is an executive coach, trainer and speaker to Fortune 500 companies in communication skills, accent reduction, public speaking & business writing. With 30 years international experience in nine countries, she offers executive coaching, seminars, and lively keynote addresses in America and Europe. Lisa has presented speeches all over the word in English and French. 

Her clients include the NBC Today Show, NBC Nightly News, Burger King, Carnival Cruise Lines, DHL, Merrill Lynch, Lloyds Bank, Citibank, Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces, TV and sports celebrities.  Lisa coaches CEOs, top corporate executives, lawyers, financial advisers, actors, broadcasters, authors, television show hosts, race car drivers, and scientists. She tailors her coaching to the client and combines accent reduction with public speaking and business writing coaching.

Some of her most-loved programs include, Make Your Voice Match Your Image , The Art of Being Memorable, The Science of Persuasion & “They’re Not Like Us – Communicating Across Cultures.”
Lisa is a former Captain in the US Air Force.  As a young lieutenant in Media relations, Lisa coached Air Force generals how to respond to difficult media interviews. As a Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholar in the Principality of Monaco, Lisa presented speeches in French all over France and Monaco, as an Ambassador of  “International Education, Understanding and Goodwill”.

Lisa holds a Bachelors degree in Speech Communication and Journalism from Chaminade University of Honolulu, a Masters Degree in Communication from European University, and a MBA in International Marketing from the International University of Monaco. She teaches Advanced Business English at FIU International MBA and Master of International Business programs. At Barry University, she teaches Public Speaking, Voice & Articulation, Interpersonal Communication, Communication Theory and  Persuasion.  Lisa Jeffery is a certified Compton P-ESL (Pronunciation English as a Second Language) trainer in which she utilizes proven scientific assessments and methods to help adult clients change their regional and Foreign Accents.

Luis Reyes, MA, BA

Speech Coach and Office Manager

Luis Reyes is an Accent Reduction & Speech Coach in Spanish and English and Office Manager of the Speech and Accent Academy.  He has a Masters degree in Foreign Language Education (TESOL) and a Bachelors degree in International Relations with a minor in Political Geography from Florida International University.  He has taught English as a second language in three countries: Italy, Spain, and and the US (Seattle and Miami).  Luis teaches classes and coaches privately in English and Spanish to help people speak clean, neutral accents in both languages.  He helps clients speak elegantly and feel more confident about the way they speak and express themselves. “We don’t reduce accents, but rather, we teach you a new accent at the Speech and Accent Academy.”

Alicia D. Harris, M.S.CCC-SLP

Alicia HarrisDirector, Caribbean Division

Alicia Harris was trained by the famous Speech Coach, the late Sam Chawt in New York. Alicia teaches classes and private coaching at the Speech and Accent Academy. She works with clients in accent reduction voice and public speaking skills.  Like Lisa, she is a certified Compton P-ESL (Pronunciation English as a Second Language) trainer to help adult clients improve their regional and Foreign Accents. Since 2005 she trained and coached accent modification and Public Speaking Skills in which she worked with ESL clients to improve their communication skills.  Her presentations include "Improve Your Public Speaking Skills and Cultural Concepts". She believes that in ever-growing multicultural society that awareness of communication and cultural Issues especially in the area of Accent Modification improves an individual's quality of life, professional and social interactions. She is a Florida Licensed Speech Language Pathologist and has been a member of the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) since 2001. She is the author of "Acoustical Analysis of Trinidadian Vowels".  Though Alicia works with all accents and dialects, she specializes in helping Caribbean people modify their accent to standard International/American English and  helps actors obtain a Caribbean accent.

Christiane Pohl

Christiane PohlAssociate Coach, European Division, Athens Greece

Christiane Pohl is the former president of the Athens, Greece Toastmasters club. She is an experienced corporate executive and is trained as Coach, Time Therapist and Art of Living Teacher.  She provides individual coaching sessions and seminars for personal development and successful stress management in Greece and throughout Europe. She has a diverse background with 20 years experience as a Manager in International Hotel Companies in Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, England and Greece. Christiane has the gift of being able to help people gain more clarity and focus, identify what is most important to them and enable them to change and develop. Christiane is resourceful, committed and practical with a healthy sense of humor that moves people gently out of their comfort zone. She provides coaching, seminars and Silent Retreats for Executives and Managers in Greece. Christiane is a member of the Hellenic Coaching Association, Athens Wing (Women International Networking Group) and the HAU Athens Toastmasters. For more, see Christiane's website