Actors, Television & Radio Personalities and Celebrities

Maria Celeste ArrarásMorning TV Show Host

"I hired Lisa Jeffery for accent reduction when I was asked to be co-host on the Today Show. In Miami, Lisa showed me how to reduce my accent considerably. I enjoyed working with Lisa — she helped me make an amazing breakthrough during the training. I highly recommend her!"

— Maria Celeste Arrarás,
NBC Co-Host, The Today Show

Steve FerrariInternational Race Car Driver

“On the personal front, speaking eloquently and with a ‘neutral’ accent has always been an important aspiration for me. On the professional front, conveying a clear and persuasive message has become a must in my role where I am frequently interacting with the media and representing brands. Lisa delivered on both fronts. Among the various speech coaches with whom I have worked, Lisa stands out. She is worldly and has refined taste, having lived in many countries around the globe. Her sessions are entertaining, and the results are realized without having to undertake tedious homework."

— Steven Goldstein,
Official FERRARI racing pilot

Memo SaucedaGrammy-Award Winning Voice-over Talent

"I knew I had a slight accent, and although I tried very hard to pronounce the words as I heard them, I knew I was not doing it correctly. When I started working with Lisa, something went “click” inside my head. I understood what I was missing, and she made me aware of the things I was doing wrong, so I could correct them. Now I have Lisa all the time ‘inside my head’ telling me: “that’s not the way to pronounce that word, remember what we practiced”. I am very happy with the way my accent has improved, and even though before Lisa I thought that I would never be 100% accent free, now with her, I do see that goal as a reality."

— Memo Sauceda,
Actor-Voice Over talent


Anthony MasysDefense Scientist

"The presentation you gave at the System Safety Conference in Baltimore continues to influence my own presentations and has allowed me to engage with the audience in a much deeper manner. Thanks again. Hopefully I will have another opportunity to attend one of your presentations.

Anthony Masys, PhD
Defense Scientist, Department of National Defense, Canada

Poopa DeckCookbook Author & TV Show Host

"My heavy Brooklyn accent was just not doing it! As my voice coach, my lessons with Lisa Jeffery came at a very important and exciting time in my life. Her expertise and patience has helped me immensely to articulate with a cultural image that appropriately represents my book, Thanks to Lisa, my demeanor and delivery now has sophistication and elegance. She has given me concrete tools for elegant speaking on my new cooking show. Lisa, you are a joy to work with"

Poopa Dweck,
Author of Aromas of Aleppo: The Legendary Cuisine of Syrian Jews

Entrepreneurs, Corporate

Robert BalzebreReal Estate Developer

“Lisa Jeffery’s programs and guidance have been invaluable. She has been able to help me clarify my communication skills by using more vivid metaphors and picture-based speech patterns. In addition, she has improved my vocal articulation and inflection tones in order to not just be better heard, but to be remembered. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to make an improvement in their communication."

— Robert Balzebre,
Director, Balzebre Properties LLC

Humberto MendozaSenior Tax Director

"Accent reduction and business writing coaching by Lisa Jeffery has been one of the best investments I have ever made since I arrived to the United States. I am Mexican, my accent is strong. I spoke English like I spoke Spanish. My bad speech habits prevented English speakers from understanding me. I thought I needed English classes again. (No please!) I did not have time to start again. Then, how could I break these habits? Someone told me: “accent reduction training is not worthy and you are going to throw your money away.” Really? Then I found Lisa. With her training, I learned a lot of rules and techniques that helped me improve my speech. The experience is as a little kid’s learning process, but with more frustration because my brain learned to speak English differently. Articulation is not easy when English is your second language. Stretching vowels and accenting consonants, is a process. But the result is worthy. Now I am more confident to speak up. I not only speak better, but I understand other people better! I understand movies and TV news better because I improved my listening comprehension as well, this is amazing! In my office meetings, I can be focused, because I am articulating. Thanks Lisa!"

— Humberto Mendoza,
Senior Director, Latin America Tax, Deutsche Post DHL Group

Virginia CarrocioInterior Designer

"When I arrived in Miami, my communication skills in Spanish were impeccable, but they were not shining in English. The choppiness, lack of precise vocabulary and mispronunciation undermined my ego and self confidence. I found Lisa Jeffery's coaching program for accent reduction. I couldn't be luckier! I found in Lisa's coaching more than I was looking for. Lisa is a professional, effective and energetic instructor, and I really enjoy our classes. In just a few weeks, I began to correct major problems in my accent. I sound completely different now. Now English will no longer be a barrier between me and my goals!

— Virginia Carrocio,
Interior Designer, Uruguay

Financial Advisors

 Evaldo AlbuquerqueFinancial Research Analyst

"When I was in school, I was the guy who never spoke up. I was afraid to speak in public, even to my classmates. Now, My job requires me to speak at conferences in front of 500+ attendees. I needed professional help, not only with my accent, but with my public speaking skills. Lisa offers the whole package! After a few sessions with her, I was able to reduce mispronunciation of words and improve my accent. After my first conference as a speaker, I got excellent feedback from several attendees, including "your presentations were amazing," and "I was very impressed with your presentation" and "your presentation was one of the best!" Now I feel confident and my fear of speaking in public is behind me. I look forward to speaking at the next conference. Lisa is an amazing professional who truly cares about her clients' progress."

Evaldo Albuquerque,
Financial Research Analyst, Brazil


Brazilian Attorney

"I am a Brazilian lawyer and I went to Miami for an internship in a Law firm. I knew that my accent would be prejudicial at work. Although my English was not bad, sometimes people did not understand me because of my accent and it used to make me very shy about speaking English. After some classes with Lisa, it changed. Now I am much more confident of my capacity of communicating in English. I know my mistakes and what has to be improved. Unfortunately I am not in Miami anymore and I could not continue the classes. However, I frequently do the exercises Lisa taught me to keep working on my accent. Lisa is very professional and enthusiastic. It was a pleasure to have classes with her!"

— Fernanda Freitas,
Attorney, Brazil


Shahaf SegalIsraeli Solider

“When I first worked with Lisa, I had a big speech to make to a large audience.  I was nervous and stuttered.  No need to say, I couldn't give it like that. With Lisa’s help, I changed completely. Lisa took away my ‘pacifier’ – my written speech, and taught me how to speak without notes instead of reading.  She corrected my way of standing and handling myself on stage. Lisa gave me confidence in my own abilities and even more confidence in myself. She taught me techniques of how to build my confidence and be charismatic. Now, every time I have to give a speech I remember Lisa’s coaching. It’s as if I have a ‘little Lisa’ lives inside my head… and she’s always there coaching me! I love giving speeches now. Thank you for everything Lisa, I really owe you a lot!”

— Shahaf Segal,
Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces


Nigerian Chief Press Secretary

“Lisa’s ‘International Development and Reputation Management’ Workshops for the Ministry of Transportation of Nigeria, held in Miami, Florida was quite successful.  The topics handled by Ms. Lisa Jeffery, were outstandingly enriching and spiced with practical experience on contemporary public relations practice.  Ms. Jeffery's master of the subject of Public Relations and her expert delivery of the seminar topics, especially crisis public relations, issues management and corporate reputation management has opened a window of possibilities and opportunities for the seminar participants to become more effective public relations practitioners.  The Training with Ms. Jeffery is indeed a rewarding experience.”

—Uzoma Ogoke,
Chief Press Secretary to the Minister of Transport, Nigeria

Division Chief Fire Rescue Department

"Thank you for the time and patience you had with me. I enjoyed your teaching and I really appreciate the passion you have for helping. I really enjoyed your class and think you are an awesome instructor! Thanks again!"

—Ray Barreto,
Division Chief, Special Operations Division, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department

Couples Coaching

Liz and Johnny FerreiraBusiness Owners

“My husband and I were struggling to be understood in English because of our Spanish accents. We started looking for options and we are very pleased we found Lisa. Her classes are dynamic and she is very creative at explaining in simple ways what exactly needs to be done to become more fluent and understood. Our communication skills have improved significantly. We do not have to repeat ourselves as much as before to others and our conversations are more pleasant to our listeners. Lisa has a true passion for words and speech, so you will be learning from a very committed coach.”

—Liz and Johnny Ferreira,
Owners, Global Engineering Security Systems, Inc.

coupleSeeking Spanish-accent Reduction

"My husband and I recommend Lisa Jeffery very much. Our objective was to reduce our Spanish accent as much as possible. We are very happy with the results of our lessons. We were able to do it! Lisa is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, professional and enjoyable to be with. She is very resourceful and is committed to helping her students learn the precise way to pronounce every sound in the English language. We had a great time and our lessons made a difference for us!

—Rocio Diez de Bonilla and Guillermo Gomez del Campo,
Head of Americas Strategy Citigroup


Barry University student

"Thanks very much for the most interesting class. Not too many classes did awake my sense of challenge to do better, and no doubt your class was one of the few. Reading the text books were sufficient enough in most of the classes in the past to get A except your class. There was this aspect of the class that was not only personally challenging but immensely informative and thought provoking for not just to be better speaker but the inspiration to know about the world about its history, geography, politics and more and above all become sensitive about your audience. It was truly worth spending the time in the class. Thanks for enlightening and inspiring me of my own talent."

— Jishu Sengupta,
Oral Communication, Barry University

FIU International MBA student

"I just wanted to tell you I was offered the job I always wanted. I am very grateful for your classes at FIU. People keep surprising me by telling me I have a great accent and that they thought I have lived in the US for years. They can’t believe I’ve lived in Miami only 10 months and this is my first time in the U.S.! I tell them that it is because the IMBA program was very challenging, but especially because I took your English classes where you taught us so many things I didn't know about pronunciation and accents: Speak slowly, open your mouth, pronounce the consonants at the end of words. (Of course I don't tell them that, but I'll never forget your advice! I want to make sure you know how important your classes are for international students!"

—Veronica Del Carmen,
Graduate, FIU International MBA Program