How to Deal with Difficult People: Fight Fire with Diamonds

This program will give you the skills to diffuse conflicts, turn arguments around and employ proven techniques to get along with almost anyone, even the meanest and most malicious.

By understanding different types of difficult people (and what they want), we can learn to develop strategies and "scripts" beforehand. This helps us recognize the difficult behavior and practice how we handle being blindsided by difficult people. In this session, Lisa shows how relationship problems come from people not speaking the same language as the difficult person. You will become more confident, and more skilled at dealing with the worst — and the best!

You will learn:

  • How to diffuse difficult situations with humor and charm
  • To identify types of difficult people and use effective ways to deal with them
  • Things to avoid when you disagree
  • To avoid "I should have said..." and develop scripts and strategies for difficult situations
  • To understand what difficult people really want with their difficult behavior
  • To recognize the different types of power and how to avoid being the victim of "power plays"
  • How to use the "Mother Teresa" method of turning negatives into positives
  • What to say when you've been tricked, attacked or abused
  • How to keep your cool in the heat of the flame
  • Winning words that work every time!


Keynote, half day, full day, or three-day program or private coaching