Leadership Communication: For High Impact, Influence and Inspiration Skills

How do you motivate and inspire others? These sessions help you to develop confidence and communication skills that have influence and impact on others. You will learn master methods on how to present your thoughts clearly, so they are meaningful to your listeners or audience. You will learn to understand how other people perceive you, and how to project a better leadership image. The sessions cover emotional intelligence and power plays. Finally, you’ll learn about some amazing scientific research that shows the impact and power of negative and positive communication.

  • The power and magic of motivating others with your vision
  • Understand the psychology of perception and persuasion
  • Learn why charisma is skill that can be learned
  • Emotional intelligence: What every leader needs to know about losing your cool.
  • Use effective “scripts” in dealing with difficult people
  • Respond to power plays, and understand different types of power
  • Learn techniques in presenting bad news with positive results
  • Learn how to present complex information simply
  • Learn listening skills of great leaders, and why they can change your life
  • Learn how to speak using quick techniques in organizing your thoughts
  • Establish credibility, reliability and responsiveness
  • Handling your own stress and combating burnout
  • Improve telephone image: Be effective over the phone
  • Building trust in the first 15 seconds
  • Identifying needs, asking the right questions
  • Knowing when to stop talking
  • Media training and presentation skills.
  • How to say your message in powerful, 15-second sound bites


Keynote, half day, full day, or three-day program or private coaching