Lisa Jeffery, MBA, MA, the "Paramedic Speech Coach" works with top executives, actors, entrepreneurs and celebrities.

Speak better. Write better. Be more influential.

Do you want to speak better, write better and have more influence when you communicate? Does anxiety paralyze you? Do others listen to your accent, and not your message? Do you want your voice to match your professional image? How do you improve?

Lisa Jeffery and the Speech and Accent Academy can help you learn the skills you need to speak better, write better and have more influence in all your communication. You can learn how to communicate with precision, elegance, and influence and most importantly: CONFIDENCE.

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In Demand Program

Executive Coaching
& Corporate Training

The Speech Accent Academy offers private executive coaching and corporate training programs tailored to your needs. Programs can be separate or combined in Accent Reduction and Articulation, Public Speaking and better business writing.

Steven GoldsteinOfficial Ferrari
Racing Pilot

"Among the various speech coaches with whom I have worked, Lisa stands out. She is worldly and has refined taste, having lived in many countries around the globe. Her sessions are entertaining, and the results are realized without having to undertake tedious homework."

Steven Goldstein
Official FERRARI racing pilot

Maria Celeste ArrarasToday Show
NBC Co-Host

"When I was asked to be co-host on the Today Show. Lisa showed me how to reduce my accent considerably. I enjoyed working with Lisa — she helped me make an amazing breakthrough during the training. I highly recommend her!"

— Maria Celeste Arrarás
NBC Co-Host, Today show