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The Whispy helps with Accent Reduction; is great for Broadcasters, Actors and Singers!

English Sounds: Whispy is a device which transmits true sound directly from a student’s voice with perfect fidelity and natural amplification to the student’s ear. It helps students to absorb Accent Reduction lessons by hearing the true differences between English sounds and their native language sounds. It is an acoustically designed plastic device that works without batteries, with a complicated design. Many of my clients like to practice with the Whispy, as it not only adds precision to their speech, and listening comprehension, but it’s fun!

Intonation: It is not what you say; it is how you say it. Intonation is another area of Accent Reduction amenable to the use of Whispy because intonation is such a nuanced voice art requiring true fidelity. For example, with Determination, a separate stress and a downward slide is given to every word. Whispy, with repeated use, helps students differentiate and produce these important types of intonation patterns.

Patterns: Whispy brings an electric energy into the Accent Reduction practice and students feel empowered to be able to hear their true voices. There are many applications for the sound system of English, such as vowel discrimination, rhythm, stress patterns, tongue twisters and adjustments. In so many ways, this deceptively simple, low-tech device has revolutionized Accent Reduction class, and promises to open up many more sound vistas for legions of second language learners who desperately need to distinguish English sounds and patterns.

Cost: $9.99

Assessment of your Accent

Phonetic Assessment of Your Accent

Determines specific areas of pronunciation difficulty

Order a complete phonological assessment of your accent! The Speech Assessment identifies exactly how your pronunciation varies from standard American English and gives you a percentage. This is done via the Internet, through our website, using a microphone. It tells you the specific areas of pronunciation difficulty you have in pronouncing English. It is a powerful means of capturing the wrong accent patterns in non-native English Speakers. The voice recording will take 25-30 minutes.  You will be sent a full written report of the precise sounds you are mispronouncing in English.

The recorded information is then analyzed by Lisa Jeffery or Alicia Harris, both certified P-ESL (Pronunciation English as a Second Language) trainers. This assessment procedure is used by only certified Compton P-ESL trainers. The assessment procedure has been developed and refined at the Institute of Language And Phonology. It is the product of more than four years of research and teaching of English pronunciation, and the most powerful tool available in helping you improve your accent.

This assessment is included in the Accent Reduction coaching package at the Speech and Accent Academy. If you would like only the assessment, you may call for an appointment. If you later decide to enroll in the coaching program, it will included in the eight sessions.

Cost: $150.00

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