Public Speaking

Executive Coaching ProgramsWe work with individuals and offer small corporate training classes, as well at large corporate seminars. We can design a program specifically for you, tailored to your needs and number of employees.

Public Speaking Boot Camp

Learning public speaking skills helps you build confidence, overcome communication anxiety, and master methods on how to present your thoughts clearly, so they have an impact on your listeners or audience. Good speakers have influence, and this is why we learn public speaking. In this three-day “boot camp,” you will learn to organize your ideas and polish your delivery skills as you begin to develop your own speaking style. You will make three prepared presentations in this course, and experience many opportunities to ‘speak on your feet’. You will learn how to tame your anxiety and use that adrenalin to your advantage. This course is appropriate for the novice as well as experienced and communicator.

“Boutique” Corporate Coaching Programs for Small Groups

Why pay a trainer to come in and teach one class? It does not offer personalized training, follow-up and additional personal help. It’s too impersonal. Very soon, people forget what they learned in class because it wasn’t tailored for them. Corporate Coaching Programs is a package where you get coaching in the skills you need.