Art of Being Memorable

We never forget memorable people. Memorable people make us feel special. We think about them often, we remember what they say, how they say it and what they do. How is it that some people are more memorable than others? What is it that makes them unforgettable? Is there a formula? YES, there is! First, it is being authentic. Secondly, it’s studying the masters, learning the secrets that they knew. And third, it’s exuberance, that wonderful formula that keeps us from being boring.

This is a fun and lively workshop that helps you become the real you, find the sparkle that's inside, learn how to motivate and inspire others, and develop the confidence and communication skills that can help you become memorable to everyone around you.

You will analyze how to “say things the BORING way” and then liven it up with fire, exuberance and word pictures! You’ll learn to explain things using powerful metaphors, which cut the understanding and guarantees that people remember your words and ideas!

This seminar teaches you that being memorable and the skills of great communication can be learned, and YOU can be a great speaker, great leader if you BE YOURSELF and add polish!


  • “BBM – Busy Being Me” How to be authentic. How to find your ‘style’
  • “Steal Like Crazy Until You Make Yourself Up” Study the Great Communicators
  • Confidence, Exuberance and Moxie!
  • Being Creative in Your Communication
  • How to create great metaphors that SHOW people what you’re saying
  • How to speak with ‘word pictures’ so see ‘snapshots’ of your message
  • Memory, Thought, and the Power of Positive Words
  • What are your best qualities? Do they show? (Perception and YOU)
  • Analysis of the Great Speeches and Great Speakers


Keynote, half day, full day, or three-day program or private coaching